Apple made me stupid

I’ve got a secret. Not a big one, it’s just that I can’t spell. I’ve never been able to, I used to always fail my spelling tests at school and make hundreds of mistakes in everything I write. Sometimes I even have to Google words and hope I’m close enough to get the ‘did you mean…’

But thanks to Apple I can trick people. It’s all about autocorrect. For the last 2 years my iPhone has been like a little teacher checking everything for me. It adds apostrophes I didn’t know were needed, extra letters, even the little silent ones that no one cares about. Since I went back to my lovely £10 phone my texts have made no sense. I’ve been spelling Borough ‘Burra’ and doubting everything I write. I don’t know if it’s right because there are no little dots to tell me when I’m getting it wrong.

It’s not just the spelling thing either. I got to tube today and without being able to check the TFL site I couldn’t figure out which colour to go for. I spent 5 minutes staring blankly at the big map before I came to my senses. I got the same tube everyday for a year! Of course I know where I’m going, I just need something to give me a little nod, a bit of reassurance.

AND I keep getting lost! I’ve been relying on the satnav for the entire time I’ve been in London, and over the last few days I’ve realized that because I’ve always been staring at the little dot I’ve missed all the landmarks that would have otherwise been great reference points. I can’t cope with the thought of going anywhere far without it, to the extent that I’ve just given up and gone home to my parent’s house. There’s almost no chance of me getting lost in the village


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  1. I envy your piece of work, regards for all the good blog posts.

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