Part time sunshine

The sun is shining!

The lovely yellow one has put his hat on and everyone looks so much more beautiful! I think it might be tans and sunglasses. They make everyone look amazing.
In the summer I used to catch the bus with a lovely boy in aviators, sadly the clouds came and I realized he wasn’t half as hot as I thought. I really thought we could have had something too.

Something that upsets me is how people always say ‘I can’t wait for summer’. If the sun’s out enjoy it! Don’t think ‘look how sunny it is, if it was July I’d really enjoy this’ because people always forget that the seasons are always a muddle and for all we know it could piss it down for the whole July and August. We were too lucky last year, I think we should prepare for a bad one.

Look at this, it makes me feel really nice and happy, and then a little bit sad, but then happy again.


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