I’m going to use my lovely blog to record some of my deepest thoughts.
I’m joking, those would get me in too much trouble and this has my name on it.

It really isn’t my best work, just the things that spill out when I have any spare time and want to spread my pointless opinions.

I moved to London to go to big school and take over the world (or be a journalist).

I look like this. I thought I should pop it on in case it ever comes up. It probably will.
I don’t think this blog is doing my ego much good.

I think I should pad this out a bit more, here are some good Emlar facts:
I really love Mac lipstick, mostly Vegas Volt but every time I get something new I love that one best.
I’m a bit fickle.
I have a bad temper and I stomp around like a little brat.
I make really bad jokes and laugh at the wrong time.
I drink more vodka than my body can handle but never learn my lesson.
I don’t like eating anything proper. Only sweets.
My sister is the funniest coolest person I’ve ever met, I wish I was more like her.
I can’t do sympathy, I usually go for ‘well it doesn’t matter, would you like a drink?’ Apparently it doesn’t help.


One response to “ME!

  1. Hi, I love your blog….But I can’t subscribe to your blog so I can have your blog updates since you don’t have anything in your blog that links me to your RSS feeds or email subscription to your blog , nor an FB page of your blog to Like so I can receive updates.
    I suggest you place something in your blog that enables your readers to subscribe and follow your blog.
    How I wish I could subscribe to your blog 😦

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