These jeans don’t fit

For the last while I’ve been feeling a bit unsure of myself. It’s really annoying me.
I know loads about myself, like I know I can’t do sympathy, that I waste my money and that when I’m drunk I’m so different I may as well be someone else.

BUT recently I’ve started doubting myself. It might be something to do with having to leave school and be a real person soon, something along those lines anyway. I’m not sure what’s caused it but I know that all my doubts and my worries have started showing themselves in a really strange way: I’ve started to buy clothes that don’t fit.

Today I brought a pair of jeans exactly the same as a pair I’ve been wearing most days for the last 6 months. I looked at the label and convinced myself that I needed bigger ones, like all of my thoughts have turned into pounds and gone straight to my thighs.

I am pissed off.

Just not tight enough



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