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There are other books!

I haven’t read 50 Shades of Grey. I can’t bring myself to do it. I’ve downloaded it and I still don’t think i’ll read it.

I’d probably think it was okay, and sure I like rich men as much as the next girl but I really don’t want to read it. Partly because I don’t think I’m into S&M (sorry Rihanna), partly because anything that’s grey is boring to my eyes and party because everyone has read it. Even my mother. And what if she found out I was reading it! Would she want to talk about it? I hope not! But even then she would still know I’d had my brain poisoned and probably never be able to look at me again. So I’ve read a different book…



‘Super Sad True Love Story’. The title is a bit confusing, it’s not true, it’s true love. And I think it is a much better book. It’s sort of about the future, sort of about love. It made me feel depressed I was reading it on an iPad and because I can’t speak italian. 

“I felt the weakness of these books, their immateriality, how they had failed to change the world, and I didn’t want to sully myself with their weakness anymore.” 
― Gary ShteyngartSuper Sad True Love Story

I’m not saying it’s for everyone but can everyone PLEASE stop going on about whips and old men. There are other books! 




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