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The Best Fake Songs

Hey everyone!

Been a while since I’ve been on here! Took me ages to even log in but I made it!

This blog is about my favourite fake songs. You know, songs that wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for films. They have to be either about people from the film/show or by a person who is not real (just in case you need the rules and want to join in).

Right, ready… In no particular order….

1. Freelove Freeway

I think this is one of the very best. It is funny. It is catchy and annoying and it makes everyone sing “she’s dead” “she’s NOT dead!”

2. Scotty Doesn’t Know

This pops into my head ALL THE TIME! I know they’re a real band but it totally counts because Matt Damon is not really their singer, and Scotty and Fiona are not real. “DON’T TELL SCOTTY!”

3. The Clap

“Who remembers The Clap?” There’s a bit in this when he does a look. If you like Russell Brand you know exactly the one I mean. Makes me swoon. I think if Infant Sorrow were a real band I probably would have gone to see them in my youth. What is really bad is when you sing it out loud on the bus. Best not do that (again).

4. Fever Dog

Almost Famous is one of my favourite ever films and this I think this is the best Still Water song. Hey did everyone know that’s Earl? You know, from my name is Earl? Good fact. And Russell Hammond is hot, even if he is fictional. “The guitar sound is¬†incendiary.”

5. Garbage Truck

I just think this is cool. I’d go for a ride in a garbage truck. I didn’t really think much of Scott Pilgrim though. Not awful but I think Sex-Bob-Omb were the best part.

Right that’s enough, I want to ease myself back in to blogging but there are loads more I think. They just don’t all come at the same time. Special mention to Crucial Taunt from Wayne’s World. I love Cassandra (If she where a president she’d be Baberaham Lincon) but I think my fave was Ballroom Blitz and I don’t know if that breaks the rules of my made up game that only I am playing… Oh fuck it.

Nighty night xxx


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