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The Sleepover Dilemma

Staying out throws up a lot of decisions that you have no real time to prepare for. If it’s a last minute thing you might forget your contact lenses or emergency nighttime medicine (??) I don’t know what it is you need, but there’s always something. To prepare a bag before hand can sometimes be presumptuous. What if you’re not invite to stay? Then you’re just a fool with pyjamas in your handbag.


I wanted to put a picture of people in bed here but forgot safe search was off. It was pretty traumatic so instead here's a picture of a killer barbie

Of course, there are times when it’s pretty hard to avoid staying out. If you accidentally find yourself in a relationship one of the conditions tends to be that you will share a bed. My biggest problem with this is not the lovely bed sharers insistence on having the window open or the radio on or wearing a watch that ticks so loudly it makes my brain rattle. It’s that sometimes he wears a t-shirt. Not all of the time, just sometimes. All of the time would be okay. I could get used to it and provide my own sleep time t-shirt. But every now and again it’s there. I don’t know how to deal with it. On days where I am wearing a dress does that mean I should pop it back on so’s not to offend? Is my fluffy jumper welcome in bed? I don’t know! I know it might be cold really; a bit of warning really wouldn’t hurt. Just a little text: ‘Tonight while sleeping I will be wearing a blue t-shirt, please pack accordingly.’


The big staying out drama that makes me probably maddest of all is this: Why at 3am does it feel like a good idea to wake up your boyfriend and demand that he lets you in? I can’t pretend I’ve never done this but in my defence it was the same bus route and 15 minutes closer. Definitely and issue of convenience. What I mean is the ‘yeahhhhh I’m going to go to my boyfriends house and like, totally have sex with him now at 3am’. I’m sure there are some people who like this but I don’t. There’s a problem with being drunk that means you tend to think you look amazing when actually you look like shit. You’ve got sauce all down your dress, you spent an hour crying and a lot of time hanging out in toilets. This is never a good look. Go home and have a wash.  Not even the nicest person wants to be woken up in the middle of the night to let in a makeup stained girl who smells like piss.


Don't be this girl

Then there is the late night wee drama. What is the right thing to do? If you’re unprepared and pyjamaless which I shall assume you are, as I often am do you get dressed back into your clothes, or do you risk it? A quick dash in your pants and hope for the best? ‘Babe, I’m really sorry but I just flashed your dad’ isn’t something anyone should have to say to their friend or boyfriend. The alternative of squeezing back into skinny jeans and a jumper doesn’t seem much better at 3am though. The dad flashing moments seem unavoidable. I think it’s best we all just stay at home from now on.




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