Time to dust off the Ugg boots


Not my actual boots (but just the same anyway)

For the last few weeks I’ve been eyeing up my Ugg boots, sitting neatly on the shelves looking lovely and warm and tempting. I love those guys. I’ve taken good care of them, they’re a lovely inoffensive brown and I’ve been extra careful to walk well in them to avoid the dreaded Ugg slouch. You know the one, when people walk to the side in their boots and they look like they’ve dislocated their foot.
I’ve got none of that going on, but still, every time I look at the lovely boots I have a flash of bitchy fashion magazines saying how disgusting they are, and that if a man ever sees you in them they will never ever be able to see beyond the boot, that you are now just a giant pair of ugly shoes. Admittedly I’ve not done much research but I have seen men’s Uggs, and while I wouldn’t want to get to know any of them I don’t blame that on the boot. I mostly blame it on Joey Essex.

If I’m going for a quick walk to the shop or just running out to get a present of go to the post office I am not going to dedicate time to lacing up a lovely pair of brogues or tottering about in a pair of heels. They are a convenience item. The fashion crowds knocking about near the shops just need to understand that. Don’t give me a dirty look, you don’t know how much of a rush I’m in, if you’re going to judge do it because I’ve got no makeup on, because I haven’t brushed my hair or because the buttons on my coat are all done up wrong.

As far as men finding them ugly, the kinds of men you find midday on the streets of London standing outside the post office don’t tend to be the type you’d want to take home so I’m not worried about them either.

The weather is shit, it is cold, there is no need to get made up and overdressed to walk to the shops. Pop on your ugly boots, feel lovely and warm and walk with pride. Just be sure you’re walking properly, no one wants a slouchy shoe.


Oh dear


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