Don’t be a dick at festivals.

So I went to Glastonbury.

I should have done this blog when I first got home and people were still interested but I’ve not had chance so here it is. I went there to do some very exciting hat selling. I did this last year and forgot that it was really hard work and made me very grumpy. All I actually thought was OH MY GOSH BEYONCE IS GOING TO BE THERE!
So I packed up my lime green wellies and off I went. I like to do blogs about things that I’ve learned but there wasn’t much to be gained from selling hats to the masses.

A few points though:

Don’t keep going on about getting a discount. Everyone wants money off. It’s not my job to give it to you. I don’t really know what I’m doing and for the sake of you saving £1 I might not get invited back.
Don’t try the putting it down and walking away technique because there are thousands of people knocking about and not all of them are as tight as you are.

DON’T BE RUDE. This bloody old woman, I can’t stop thinking about her. There was a little kid trying a hat on and she shouted MIRROR at me. Of course I was polite and said it was in use but for the next few hours we bitched about her. YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE THAT WOMAN. Just be nice.

You’re out drinking cider and having a real brill time. I spent my morning shoveling mud and eating wet bread. Think about the boring hours and hours of standing around the people at the stalls have to do before you act like a twat or you’re going to end up being the days entertainment. We do impressions. Not very nice ones.


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