Things my mother taught me

Since today is my beautiful mother’s birthday I thought I’d do a blog about the best pieces of advice she has ever given me.

She’s a bit of an eccentric character, and one of the traits I’ve picked up is that if anyone asks us a question we don’t know the answer to we will make up an answer so convincing we believe it ourselves, and the stock response to almost everything anyone says is ‘Oh that’s lovely’.

My mum always reminds me that right now I am the youngest I will ever be, and that I should make the most of it. When you’re 21 there’s no such thing as too short, as long as you’re keeping something covered, and you’ll only regret getting old and looking back on all of the outfits you were too scared to wear

One of my mum’s specialist subjects is hair. She’s always told me never to cut it too short and always use special blonde shampoo (but only if you’re blonde.) MY personal favorite is that if you tie your hair up everyday for two weeks it will grow. This probably isn’t true, but that doesn’t matter. If you really do tie your hair up everyday for two weeks it means you forget how long it is, and then you can pretend it’s grown loads. She’s clever like that.

My mum has always told me look after my body. She said it’s the only one I’m going to get, and that you need to treat it well. Do a bit of exercise, don’t have sweets for every meal. She said if I’m feeling extra brave I can even try eating some vegetables. Don’t give up everything that’s fun, but remember there’s always going to be consequences.

She told me to start using anti aging cream when I turned 16 to make sure I never got old (I still get ID’d so maybe it works) and that if you really mess up they can fix anything other than your hands. If your hands look old you look old, no matter how much you look after yourself. Stick a load of cream on them to keep them looking pretty.

Got to love Steam Cream

You never know who you’re going to bump into, so make sure you always look presentable. My ma always looks nice, no matter where she’s going. It’s not about getting all dolled up to go to the shops but at least make a little bit of effort. Brush your hair and make sure your face is clean. Don’t wear dirty clothes unless it’s washing day and never ever ever smell bad. It’s just good sense.

The most important thing I’ve learned is that you should never let anyone make you feel like they’re better than you are, and that everyone is the same and should be treated that way.

She’s really brill is my mum. She says some funny things but like she told me when I was a youth ‘only the very clever can play dumb well’. LOVE YOU MUMMY!


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