Confession: My myspace name was Polly MiniMilk

Miss you Tom!

I’m really getting too open with my blog. This ones about some more of the shame of childhood. It gets pretty uncomfortable so be prepared to cringe.

In a quest to find my best emo pictures for the previous blog I just logged on to Myspace for the first time in about two years.

It looks weird there. Everything has changed! I left it there as a sort of time capsule. I wanted it to stay exactly the same forever so I could look back and remember never to be that much of a twat ever again.

I remember how important it was for me to have over 1000 friends, and posting PC4PC every ten minutes seemed like a sensible thing to do, rather that the most annoying and desperate thing imaginable.

Here’s a sample of some of my About Me:

i’d like to look more like a cartoon character, i’d like my hair to be bigger and my waist to be smaller. there are alot of things i’d like really but for now i shall stick with a pair of ysl tribute shoes and a mars bar. i must be developing a taste for the finer things in life. 

I don’t know what was with the little i’s. My hair is suitably big enough. The waist could probably still get smaller and I never got my tributes. At least my taste in shoes wasn’t messed up.

Even now, after all this time I’m struggling to confess to the true extent of my myspace whoreism. Here’s the big one…
This was not my first account. Anyone who remembers myspace will remember the time when all of the accounts kept getting messed up. Passwords changed and all sorts. Well my first account, that was where the real shame lies.

Only at 15 is putting pictures of yourself in your underwear on the internet and pretending to be 101-years-old the best way to make friends.

Black and white, mysterious.


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