A tribute to the 2000s.

In the 2000s we all did really stupid and embarrassing things. I wrote some of them down for my school work but I thought I’d share them here to remind everyone of the stupid things we all got into, but pretended we were too cool for.

1 Stuck two jelly aliens together to see if they would make a jelly alien baby.
Please don’t pretend you didn’t get the aliens out of their plastic egg and see if they would magically reproduce.

2 Got into Pokemon.
Cards, cartoons and games. Pokemon mania was unavoidable and one the biggest crazes to sweep our generation. Trying to defeat the elite four on gameboy was probably a waste of a childhood, but being pokemon master is totally worth it.

3 Sucked a dummy.
Flashing, multicoloured or stolen from an actual baby. There was a time, (thankfully a very brief one) where sucking a dummy was considered pretty cool. All photos of you and your BFF doing ‘sexy’ dummy poses should be burned.

I don't know who she is but she's bloody sexy.

4 Had a crazy frog ring tone.
The less said about this the better.

5 Fell for reality TV twins:
Jedward and the Cheeky girls. AND Samanda! At the time we all laughed at their big hair, songs about touching bums and general pinkness. The shame.

6 Dressed in Neon:
And declared ourselves Nu Rave


7 Dyed our hair black:
And secretly hoped people would think we were Emo whilst we protested that we were not, we were simply misunderstood.

Me, aged 17. The hair dye came a bit later, but I'm still working my emo look.

8 Watched Borat:
And spent the next few months speaking in our best Kazakhstan accent. It’s been nearly 5 years since the film was released. Time to find something else to watch.

9 Wore MC Hammer pants:
Not for a laugh or a fancy dress party but for actual fashion, because we were told to by magazines! It all started when designers had a bet that no matter how vile we will wear something just because they say it’s cool.

10 Crocs.
Multi coloured plastic shoes with holes in. Probably the worst thing to have ever existed on earth. Ever. Does it really matter how good they are for your feet when they look so awful?


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