Review: Black Holes

Black holes are these big things that knock about in space and suck everything in (even light) until there’s nothing left and it’s well boring.

No one could really get a camera close enough to take a picture. I reckon this was just done on paint.

I think that black holes are made when matter gets too dense and nothing can escape (like light, aliens, planets, that sort of thing). They can happen anywhere at any time so one day you could be going about your business and then boom. Nothing. It’s totally fucked up.

One thing that I saw on TV once was that at the edge of a black hole is the event horizon. This is sort of like the point of no return, which is where everything stops existing BUT I heard that what might happen is sort of like a hologram. If that’s true then we could be balanced on it now, we’re just in 2D but like those weird moving pictures we don’t know about it. Everything that’s happening already happened and we’re stuck in a fridge magnet type thing. I said it was messed up.

Gravitational time dilation (Technical) means that things closer to black holes move a lot slower. Like, time slows down so if you were being sucked into a black hole it would take an infinite amount of time, so you probably wouldn’t even know about it.

They’re sort of cool really, just like all sorts of space stuff, and I don’t actually know anything about them so this might all be wrong. If we’re already stuck on the edge of one it’s not done us much harm, and if they are hiding near us we won’t know until it’s too late so there’s no point in getting upset.

I think Black Holes are misunderstood. I’ll give them a 2.5/5.


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  1. You’re quite spot on about them. Times all relative as far as Black Holes are concerned, time is slower the closer you get but if you were actually close to it time would appear to be normal. There’s a Black Hole at the centre of the Milky Way, you can see a cool video of the nearest stars orbiting it rather erratically. Well it’s cool if you’re into that kind of thing.

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