I don’t know who these guys are. I’m calling them stripes and plain ones. I think they’re from Spain or somewhere. It’s all kicking off because the stripes and the plain ones ARE NOT friends with each other. There’s been a bit of bad kicking and one of them has been sent off. DRAMA.

One of the stripes. He seems to be quite popular.

That’s what boys like from football. Bad kicking and drama. Some more things I’ve learned about boys and football are as follows:

  • It does not matter if they’re not the team from by where you live, you’re still allowed to love them best of all. I’ve asked an actual boy and he said it might be because the ones from home might have bad players that annoy you, or you might not like their PE Kit.
  • Even if you already have a number one favorite team you can still support different ones if your team of choice are having a week off.
  • Boys can spend the day watching football, they can even go to the places where it’s taking place (not little games in the park, I’m talking about big ones like at erm, Old Trafford) and then they can watch it all over again on shows like Match Of The Day and still be surprised and excited by the result. Even if they know they’re just going to see their team lose!
  • If there’s an exciting bit of football on, like I assume is happening between RMA and BAR, you don’t even have to choose which one you want to win, you can just watch it and enjoy it no matter what the result. I’ve heard boys like to watch this for a number of reasons. Not only because it’s annoying to girls but also because (in the case of BAR and RMA) they’re some of the best in the world. Since I know the boy who shared this opinion actually has a thing for the same shit team as me I don’t understand how he can bare to watch it without feeling depressed.

I’m going to spend a bit more time investigating all of the weird stuff about football that I never knew about and I promise to write about anything really good that I find out. I think the boys are making most of it up.

I like Wolves, they’re from the same place as me. They’re no good though. If they don’t pick their ideas up they’re going to lose me as a friend/follower on twitter. Then I can be a full time supporter of Stripes.


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