Review: Dogs

 I’m trying to branch out with my blog, and trying to include reviews just in case someone wants to give me a job reviewing stuff.

 Here’s my first one. It’s about dogs.

Dogs are a great accessory for girls about town, old people who are lonely and little children who need to learn that one-day everything dies. (Sad.)

They come in a variety of colours so can be matched to suit the carpets in most homes, though sometimes they lose hair which can be messy. Sadly as of yet Dogs do not come in hair-free, but with ever improving techniques and breeding this could be something to look out for. Dogs main rival, Cats have managed to produce a hairless model so there shouldn’t be too much of a wait.

One of the main flaws with Dogs is that they need feeding and walking. They cannot be toilet trained so sadly they have a habit of shitting everywhere. People thinking of investing in a dog should keep this in mind. The constant need for walking may be a good selling point to big fat people who don’t get enough exercise. A daily walk can be a great way to shed a few excess pounds.

A lot of propaganda suggests that Dogs are man’s best friend, but I believe men look for friends who share their interests. Dogs are not especially fond of tits or beer, and they don’t know much about football, but those who enjoy eating off the floor, being really smelly and not washing could find a really great pal in their local pound.

Overall I’d give Dogs a rating of 3.5/5


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