The Truth: Part 1

There are some things that your friends aren’t willing to tell you the truth about. Fortunately I’m pretty sure all of my real friends have given up on reading my blog so it’s just you and me.

The truth is that sometimes-in life it’s alright to let people fuck you up a bit, as long as they are really very beautiful and they share their shortbread with you. Because a bit more of the truth is that most people are really a bit annoying, and that includes you and me and him and her. Some people are allowed to shout at you, because if no one shouts you never learn to stop being a knob head. It means you get to shout back when they’re turning the pages in their book too loud or trying to trick you into drinking milkshake, even though they know you hate milk.

If you’re being a tool take your telling off like a man. And then put salt in their cereal.



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