Give the people what they want!

I’ve been looking at the things people are searching that leads them to this blog and I’ve realized that I’m not really giving the people what they want, so I’m going to try make a blog that includes all of those important things.

1. I miss my phone.

Having to live without a phone was a very difficult time for me, but it does get easier. In fact, when it comes to being reunited with your phone you’ll feel like you were happier without it. Living without a phone means people actually have to meet you at the time they said they would in the place where they’re supposed to be.  Not having a phone also means you’re a lot less likely to know what time it is, which tends to mean you get up earlier and get a lot more done. It’s sort of like when you go on holiday and don’t wear a watch. Time isn’t as important.

I’m glad I’ve got my phone though, because I really really love playing Angry Birds.


2. Lazy Girls

I am a lazy girl, but I just used that as a title one day when I wasn’t really in the mood for writing a very good blog. I thought I’d give some tips on how to do things in a really lazy way:

  • Instead of ironing your clothes just put them in the dryer on a high heat and the creases won’t be as bad.
  • Instead of cooking food just make a sandwich or order a take away.
  • Instead of washing your hair stock up on dry shampoo.
  • Instead of getting a job which means you have to get up early and do actual work alllll day just marry a very rich man and stay in bed
  • Instead of doing schoolwork buy essays online.


I hope you find these tips useful.

3. A lot of people have ended up here by looking up Barbie sex. It freaks me out a bit. I suggest going onto Google images, turning off the safe search and typing it in there. There’s some pretty hardcore stuff. If you’re into that sort of thing. If you just want to see pictures of Barbie having sex here’s one:

With Ken, since they're back together now



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