Who even makes the fashion rules?

So, last night I saw someone wearing the most horrific cardigan I have ever seen in my life. A big grey wooly thing with all sorts of clashing patterns that made my eyes hurt.

This is nothing like that cardigan.

The trouble is that things like that are probably really in now. I always see people in ugly clothes wondering around London, and I’m pretty sure everyone there is really cool, and would never accidentally pop on a vile cardigan. It must be to do with the vintage thing. “Oh this old thing? I picked it up in charity shop because I’m really poor. It was just so cold I brought the first thing I saw”. You know, that sort of shit.

What I really don’t understand is how it all caught on. I don’t remember ever picking up a magazine and reading ‘buy the ugliest thing you can find and it’ll make people think that you are AWESOME’.

It makes me feel really self-conscious. I don’t own any jumpers with a giant clowns face on them. I have a few with stripes, and several cardigans, a black one, a grey one and a beige one. These aren’t going to make me many friends in Jaguar Shoes.

Clothes confuse me.


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