What I learned this weekend

This weekend I went to Belgium. Here are my feet in Belgium to prove it:

I’ve never been to Belgium before, I stayed in Brussels and then went to Geraardsbergen to watch the Tour of Flanders, which was really very exciting. I went up this big famous hill.

But the nice things I did aren’t the point of this blog. What it’s actually about is what I learned. There was only really two things:

You can smoke everywhere in Belgium. In the bars, in the station, in hotels. Just wherever you like. It must be like England in the olden days.
I also noticed that almost everyone had a cough. I think there’s a good chance the two could be related.

The Eurostar is really fast. I guess that might be the point of it but it took two hours to get home from actual Belgium, that’s a whole other country. It blew my mind. It wasn’t as posh as I expected but I think I might have  confused it with the Orient Express. I don’t know how fast that is thought, pros and cons aye.

Just in case you were wondering: Nick Nuyens was the winner. Yay for him.


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