Things I could be doing instead of watching Jeremy Kyle in my pajamas at 14.10

For the first time in ages I have money and a bus pass. I should be being more productive. I could be:

Shopping for lipstick: I am really keen to buy some Lime Crime lipstick, the pretty one with the unicorn on it. I just can’t face looking for Space NK all by myself.

Exercising: I had every intention of running about 100 miles today. But I would really like to know if he’s been cheating with women from dating websites. (He looks pretty shifty, I reckon he has).

Applying for internships: I’m about to get thrown into the real world. I could really do with deciding what I’m going to do when I get there.

Buying groceries: I go to Sainsbury’s pretty much everyday but all I ever have in my cupboards is beans and cereal bars.

Calling my mum: I haven’t spoke to her for a few days. I wonder if she wonders how I am? I wonder how she is. She’s a very nice tiny Barbie of a lady.

Doing my washing: If I don’t get some done soon I’ll have to go back to option 1. I’m running out of clean things to wear.

Finishing my schoolwork: I’ve got a few things to do for erm, tomorrow. Should probably do that now actually. Well after Jezza.  He’s just accused her of not washing. She does, she bathes three times a week. That’s more than enough.


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