We’ve been apart for about 14 hours and it feels like the end has come.
I can’t play angry birds, I can’t call my mum and cry about the stupid phone, I can’t post mean tweets about people on the bus or have bitchy, indirect Facebook status’ (well I can now, because I just got back- but that’s hardly the point). I’m going away next weekend, I get lost in my uni, I can’t cope with the thought of being in another country without Google maps. I don’t know what to do.

Actually I sort of do. My parents prepared for such an event and got a spare one when it came to upgrade time. My track record with phones is a bit disgusting. I’ve gone through 8 in the last 3 years. I don’t know how it happens, they’re always getting smashed or stolen or lost. So now I have a Samsung GT-E1080i. The emergency £10 phone favored by people who can’t live for 3 days without being able to call someone, anyone, and tell them about their problems. At least there’s an i in it.

Us together in happier times ❤

It’s so much more than a phone though, it’s like my best friend. It reads all my emails and looks at my pictures and knows all my passwords and deepest secrets. I don’t know how to start a new life without it. Until Tuesday. Bless you full restore. R.I.P iPhone 4 mk1. I’ll miss you. xxx


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