Scary Dolls

I feel really guilty for neglecting my blog so here’s a little one.

I’m feeling all mixed up because I miss home and my baby sister and my friends but a bit happy because I got what I wanted and because I’ve had a few vodkas.

I’m getting ready to go to something called Cat Face Night. You just have to draw on a cats face. It’s not my number one choice for animal face (rabbit) but I’m still looking forward to it. I like little weird nights out like that, but they’re always in the places full of cool kids. I like to wear a pretty princess dress to make them feel awkward. Secretly I just wish I were one of them.

That’s well boring.

Look at this. It freaks me out.

Look at the scary dolls!

It’s one of my favorite pictures by one of my favorite people.

I promise soon I’m going to write something interesting. It’s probably going to be about why you shouldn’t buy new clothes before going to uni because you just eat pizza everyday and get really fat.



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